RISKADAPT Workshop in Trieste

In the context of RISKADAPT project, the Municipality of Trieste held a workshop on 12/05/2023 at Trieste Urban Center, in Corso Cavour 2/2.

During this workshop, local stakeholders were informed about RISKADAPT’s aim and objectives, the effects and possible consequences of extreme weather events, in particular wind and precipitation, assuming future scenarios, especially regarding possible impacts on buildings and infrastructures with functions of public interest. The speakers focused on the local pilot action explaining upcoming activities such as measurements and data collection for Cattinara Hospital and how information, integrated with the ones provided by the stakeholders, will be essential for designing the platform PRISKADAPT.

Attendees, representing technicians, practitioners, and civil society, responded to the questionnaire; then, experienced local stakeholders provided their comments, suggestions, and valuable input related to the project’s needs, which will be considered throughout the project.

The presentations from the event can be downloaded from below: